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Seems Justin Fields Is Already A Fan Of Luke Getsy And Matt Eberflus

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A few days ago, Justin Fields delivered an interesting post on Instagram titled “Back to the Basics.” That was the first indication that perhaps new offensive coordinator Luke Getsy was already making an impression on the young quarterback. Getsy has a longstanding reputation for harping on fundamentals. So this is precisely the sort of thing he’d do. Sure enough, it appears further confirmation of this theory arrived on Monday.

According to Jeff Hughes of Da Bears Blog, there are rumblings inside Halas Hall that Fields is “mad for” both Getsy and head coach Matt Eberflus. When that got an adverse reaction due to several fans not understanding the phrase, he made it more transparent. Fields loves the two men and what they’ve brought to the table. This signals that whatever plan they have is something the young QB is already buying into.

Okay, apparently people don’t know what “mad for” means.

I’ll try again.

Justin Fields loved Coach E/Getsy.

— DaBearsBlog (@dabearsblog) February 22, 2022

This revelation is not insignificant.

Justin Fields is an intelligent guy. He tends to know when he is not getting the help he needs from a coaching standpoint. That was revealed when reporters asked him about the status of Matt Nagy late last season. While he insisted he loved Nagy the man, his comment on the belief that Nagy coached him to “the best of his abilities” came across as a clear indictment. It’s hard to blame him after struggling so much as a rookie in an often nonsensical offense.

While it remains unclear exactly what Eberflus and Getsy have planned, the rumblings are hard to ignore. Fields likes what he’s hearing. All signs point to this coaching staff rebuilding the scheme around what the quarterback does best. Work to his strengths. Before getting to that point, they must fix the foundation. That means improving his footwork and operating from the pocket. Things that will be essential to his future success.

If he is excited about what is to come, fans may have a hard time waiting for August when the preseason arrives.

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