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Skier Eileen Gu has won several gold medals in the 2022 Olympics. She’s an American citizen. She has lived, trained and been educated in the U.S., yet she skis for China. Why? Because her mother is of Chinese descent. This is ludicrous. An Olympian should represent his / her country, not the country of a parent’s birth. If Ms. Gu wanted to ski for China, then she should have forfeited her American citizenship.

— Warren

It’s ridiculous that Ohio Redistricting Commission Republicans declared an impasse in an acceptable legislative map, ordered by Ohio Supreme Court. It’s their responsibility, as majority party, to devise a map fairly representing voters of both parties. Even the governor, a Republican, is emphasizing that mandate. It appears if they cannot get their way of a drastically skewed, unconstitutional Republican version, they just give up. They need to accept or revise the more proportionate map Democrats offered. Time is running out.

— Warren

Canada’s Justin Trudeau wants truckers out of Ottawa. Grant his wish. Truckers should park their trucks in their driveways where he can’t touch them. After grocery stores have empty shelves, and gas stations have no gas, maybe he’ll realize he needs truckers! Or, the U.S. is short of trucks to take care of the West Coast glut. They should come down here to help move cargo as needed. We would welcome the truckers!

— Farmdale

It’s time all county commissioners meetings are videotaped and aired live, so we can see for ourselves exactly what goes on. This week we saw and heard the disrespect and bullying that goes on, were able to see how they all perform in these so-called business meetings. Townships do it, so can the county.

— Warren

I had an amazing dinner out with my friend. Our server informed us at the end of our meal she was the lone server for the entire restaurant, and only after we asked. We thanked her for the amazing job and hospitality and left a generous tip. Please be kind to service industry workers. They are going through struggles and still want customers to have the best experience. Be kind and patient now and always.

— Newton Township

So this administration wants another $30 billion for COVID relief. It’s time for taxpayers to say “no more.” Where’s the fiscal responsibility from the trillions already given? Big Pharma reporting $58 billion quarterly profits shows who’s getting the relief. Our government is spending taxpayer money that it does not have and the bills will soon come due. I encourage everyone to call your representatives in D.C. and tell them to stop spending.

— Braceville

The Electoral College no longer works for the purpose it was intended in 1887. It has taken the presidency away from two Democrats elected with the popular vote by millions of more votes, and in the election of 2020, Trump and his campaign tried to illegally substitute their own lists of electors. As federal prosecutors look into these crimes, I say reform or abolish the system.

— Masury

I want the powers that be to stop telling me the inflation rate is 7.5 percent. Everything that I buy, from gas to roast beef, has gone up 25 percent in the last year. Stop telling me how bad you want things to be perceived when in reality, my finances are suffering three times worse than the government narratives say.

— Bristolville

A May 2019 analysis conducted by CNBC found

Donald Trump’s tariffs to be equivalent to one of the largest U.S. tax increases in decades. Then came the mismanaged pandemic and COVID-era bond buying to prop up the economy. We are now living the consequences. Yet people and leaders continue to revere Donald Trump and blame Joe Biden and Democrats. We are all to blame by way of our voting choices.

— Cortland

I find it ironic when Sound Off contributors bash Donald Trump out of fear, when everyone should be terrified of the Biden administration! Our constitutional and personal freedoms are under attack. Biden is dishonest about root causes of inflation. Our tax dollars are being given to illegal immigrants in exchange for votes. Migrant encounters have quadrupled since Trump left office. What happened to Biden’s promise to unify?

— Warren

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