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Surjit on ventilation, increased creatinine levels in the body, there is fever

Former footballer Surjit Sengupta is still on ventilation. According to the medical bulletin on behalf of the hospital, the level of creatinine in his body has increased. He still has a mild fever. Although his urination has become somewhat normal than before.

According to the hospital on Sunday, the amount of oxygen in his body is 95-96 percent with the help of ventilation. His blood pressure is being controlled through vasopressor support. He is being treated under the supervision of doctor Ajay Krishna Sarkar. At the same time he is being looked after by various cardiologists, pulmonologists and other doctors.

Besides, doctors Anjan Lal Dutt, Ashish Das and Jayant Kumar Bose have been newly appointed for his treatment. Experts are always watching him.

The former footballer was admitted to a private hospital on January 23 with a corona infection. He also had respiratory problems. He was given ventilation due to deteriorating physical problems. He has been there ever since.

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