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The most expensive ones on the first day of the IPL auction

The most expensive ones on the first day of the IPL auction

Mega auction of IPL after three years. 10 franchises have already picked up 33 cricketers. Yet the first day of the auction came with all the excitement. No one expected such a player to be dragged. Again, no team showed interest in getting many big stars.

Ishan Kisan has got the highest price in Damadol. The Indian national team player was forced to leave the Mumbai Indians. But everyone knew that Mumbai was keen to get this batsman back in Marquette. But why leave the other parties? In the meantime, the price of this left-arm opener has risen to 15 crore 25 lakh rupees.

Kisan may be the most expensive, but the pacers showed dominance on the first day. Abesh Khan has not yet played for India in the national team. But four teams fought to get him. The Mumbai Indians have also given up trying to surpass the base price of Rs 20 lakh. In the end, the new team Lucknow Super Giants got him. The party has lost 10 crore rupees for this.

Not only obsession, this time the famous fast bowlers like Krishna and Hershal Patel have also got more than 100 million rupees. However, Deepak Chahar has earned the most. Chahar had to leave Chennai after retaining four cricketers. That Chennai bought him today by spending 14 crore rupees.

But if he was kept as the fourth choice, they would have spent only 6 crore rupees.
In all, 74 cricketers have been selected for the auction. Among them, 10 cricketers have joined different teams at a cost of Rs 100 million or more. 8 of them are fast bowlers. Only Lucky Ferguson is a foreign fast bowler. Even 11-year-old Kagiso Rabada is a fast bowler.