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Two Bears Fans Learned To Never, Ever Ask Dick Butkus For Life Advice

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Back in the 1960s and early 1970s, Dick Butkus established himself as the most feared man in the NFL. His hard-hitting style and vicious nature become legendary among those that had the misfortune of playing against him. It took over 50 years, but it seems the Chicago Bears icon has found his next calling. That of a roastmaster on social media. While the Wendy’s Twitter account may hold the championship belt in this regard, Butkus seems hell-bent on claiming it for himself.

He’s already delivered some knockout shots to various people. Most recently, Aaron Rodgers over his failed engagement to Shailene Woodley. Other targets of opportunity included 50 Cent, the sport of Curling, and Matthew McConaughey, among others. He doesn’t play favorites either. Two well-meaning but naive Bears fans found that out the hard way when they asked Butkus for advice.

get snipped

— Dick Butkus (@thedickbutkus) February 19, 2022

venture out into the world
leave your moms basement

— Dick Butkus (@thedickbutkus) February 19, 2022

Whew. True to form, the man always brings the wood.

Dick Butkus has proven one thing, though. He remains a national treasure. His killer instinct hasn’t died away despite not playing football since the early 1970s. It makes you wonder why Comedy Central hasn’t gotten him on some of those celebrity roast specials they do. He’d be an absolute gem. That aside, hopefully this serves as a lesson to Bears fans. The man loves you, but it’s tough love.

When the opportunity comes for him to deliver a hit, he will always bring everything he has. The target does not matter. So ask him for advice at your own risk. The odds are high that it won’t be the answer you’re hoping for. On the flip side, those following him no doubt hope such questions continue. They’ve made for some of the best entertainment any current or former Bears have provided in the past several years.

Maybe he will get a chance to tweet about a winning team soon.

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