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Why vaccines should not be mandated


“The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one.” This is not always true, and it takes intelligence to understand the difference. Sometimes, needs of many are dependent on needs of few. The simplest example is the military protecting needs of the many to keep us safe.

There is human logic and God logic. Christ taught us God logic. He taught it in many stories, including the good shepherd who risked his whole flock to find the one lost sheep. Human logic says to cut that sheep and keep your flock. I am not a religious person. I do not like religions because they have caused a great divide in people’s relationships with God. Yet, thanks to Christ and his life’s stories recorded in many religions, the truth still gets out in spite of the religious dogma.

We can no longer have an honest discussion on vaccine mandates. It has been reduced to polarization, and if you are against them, then you are wrong. Yet, I will still speak the truth, which sometimes hurts. Republicans don’t want truth to hurt and are banning truth when it hurts in schools when addressing this country’s past.

People pushing vaccine mandates do not like the truth. The truth is some people have serious reactions and even die from the shot. Mandating people take that risk in order to make many “feel” safer is wrong. Christians do not force others to risk or sacrifice their lives for them. Christians offer to risk and sacrifice their lives for others. Christ asked people to follow him; he never has said you must follow him. Everyone has their own cross to bear when doing that; but sacrificing your life is not required anymore. Christ did that for us all.

There are no criteria for declaring a vaccine safe. The CDC will declare it safe even if it kills or harms some people because they use human logic and numbers. People are not numbers. In a free society, choice matters when harm may happen.

“First do no harm,” is the oath doctors take. Not, “First do little harm.” In the military, a free person submits to such human logic. They take that oath and trust their leaders to use that power intelligently. The military can order people to die for others. You don’t do that in a free civilian society.



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