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The OtterBox Magsafe 3K Wireless Power Bank is a Steal at 50% Off

OtterBox Magsafe 3K Wireless Power Bank

OtterBox Magsafe 3K Wireless Power Bank

A 50% off discount on a useful phone accessory may seem too good to be true, but right now you can get the OtterBox 3K Wireless Power Bank for MagSafe at just $24 from its original price of $50 on Amazon.

Having a MagSafe charger around will ultimately come in useful when your iPhone is running out of juice. You can extend the battery and make an emergency call or when sending an important message or email. That aside, the 3,000mAh capacity should bring your smartphone to at least 50% and give you more time to play games, browse the web, or watch videos.

The wireless power bank fits snugly at the back of the iPhone, and MagSafe technology gives it a tight and secure attachment. The power bank works even if you have a thin case covering your mobile.

Make sure to buy the 50% off OtterBox MagSafe 3K Wireless Power Bank today as stocks may run out!