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Expo 2020 unveils programme for People and Planet

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Expo 2020 Dubai has revealed the calendar for its ‘Programme for People and Planet’, a schedule of events, experiences, thought-leadership and public conversations that aims to find solutions for some of the most pressing problems facing the world.

Designed with and for the global community, the programme will harness the connecting power of World Expos to catalyse a legacy of transformative change, reported Emirates News Agency WAM, citing an Expo 2020 Dubai press release.

The ‘Programme for People and Planet’ will run across the entire six months of Expo 2020, anchored by 10 Theme Weeks and 18 International Days, each of which explore key issues of global significance. Through the Theme Weeks, participants will investigate solutions to critical global challenges, ranging from mitigating climate change and biodiversity loss and making human habitats more sustainable, to bridging the digital divide and ensuring equal access to education and healthcare.

More than 220 events will take place as part of the programme, from large forums and public conventions to seminars and workshops. Expo 2020’s signature platform for connecting minds, the World Majlis series will play a prominent role, with 53 individual sessions set to engage visitors over the course of six months.

Underpinned by the themes of technology and innovation, youth and women and girls’ empowerment, the Programme for People and Planet will assemble an unparalleled array of perspectives, fostering exchanges of impactful ideas between leading experts, including wildlife advocate Dame Jane Goodall, Eden Project founder Sir Tim Smit, and Sarah bint Yousif Al Amiri, Minister of State for Advanced Sciences and the woman behind the Emirates Mars Mission, and the 191 nations participating in Expo 2020, as well as business leaders, grassroots actors, and the wider global community.

Unlocking bold aspirations to shape a healthier, safer, cleaner and more equitable future for all, the programme will demonstrate that each and every one of Expo 2020’s partners, participants and visitors, whether attending Expo physically or participating remotely via virtual and digital channels, can – and must – become an agent of change.

Nadia Verjee, chief of staff in Expo 2020 Dubai, said: “Sitting at the heart of our World Expo, and taking place at a moment in time that could not be more urgent or opportune, the Programme for People and Planet is the manifestation of our theme and purpose – ‘Connecting Minds, Creating The Future’. It will not only form an essential part of our event-time activities, but will also catalyse a one-of-a-kind movement to shape the legacy that Expo 2020 leaves the world, long after we close our doors, resulting in a meaningful and measurable impact for generations to come.”

The Programme for People and Planet reflects challenges and opportunities facing not just the decision-makers of today, but all 7.8 billion people living on this planet.

Five tracks cut across the programme, forming a rich tapestry of exciting events that explore the 10 Theme Weeks through distinct lenses.

The post Expo 2020 unveils programme for People and Planet appeared first on Travel Daily.

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