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IWTA speaks with Suyin Lee, Managing Director – Discova

The post IWTA speaks with Suyin Lee, Managing Director – Discova appeared first on TD (Travel Daily Media) Travel Daily.


Meet Suyin Lee – Managing Director, Discova and TD’s first in a series of interviews with TDs Inspiring Women in Travel (Asia).

When Malaysian born Chinese-Australian Suyin Lee, the eldest of 3 girls growing up in Australia, qualified as a chartered accountant, her family considered that to be a respectable profession. Little did they know where it would lead years later.

Now Managing Director of Discova, a B2B DMC, Suyin first joined the Flight Centre Travel Group in Brisbane in 2001.  It seemed like a good choice after completing her MBA in Finance – it was a high growth company, service orientated, and who doesn’t love the excitement of travel!

Suyin’s journey has taken her from a career in finance to life as an inspirational female leader in the male-dominated world of travel management.

In this 30-minute interview Suyin talks about how her purpose and passion for empowering local communities in emerging economies has developed and taken shape over many years, and how important it is to view your career as a journey, rather than a destination.  She talks about taking the time to get to know people along the way, to try to understand their lives, and to remain curious about the world around you.

Suyin is today applying skills learned throughout her career to helping local communities in Asia develop sustainable livelihoods, and is particularly passionate about helping women and girls pursue their own dreams, by helping provide access to education, thereby opening up a world of choice for them.

She talks about her love of the complexity of the travel industry, its diversity and the constant challenge it presents.  She believes that by supporting a sustainable, viable travel industry, women and girls in particular are afforded the opportunity to create their own success and independence, as well as contributing to the sustainability and growth of the communities in which they live.

Suyin’s advice to young people starting out in their career?  Be brave.  Use every opportunity to learn, research, get curious.  Learn about yourself and the world around you.  Surround yourself with a supportive network that uplifts and encourages you & don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

Above all, Never Give Up.




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The post IWTA speaks with Suyin Lee, Managing Director – Discova appeared first on Travel Daily.

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