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Top post-holiday annoyance for Brits when returning from vacation

The post Top post-holiday annoyance for Brits when returning from vacation appeared first on TD (Travel Daily Media) Travel Daily.

Landing on home soil to an empty fridge has been revealed as the biggest annoyance for Brits when returning from holiday, according to new research by easyJet followed by a mountain of post-holiday washing (67%) and unpacking suitcases (62%) completing the top three gripes.

The research was commissioned as the airline launches a brand-new food delivery partnership with Uber Eats, to help its hungry passengers coming home from holiday flights in September and help alleviate the leading post-holiday annoyance.

As part of the partnership easyJet and Uber have created a special ‘Post-holiday Fridge Filler’ Menu from Sainsbury’s which means weary post-holiday passengers can order the top post-holiday cupboard and fridge essentials with zero stress.

The Top 10 Post-Holiday Annoyances for Brits are as follows:

Returning to an empty fridge with no food in it – 69%
Having to tackle a mountain of post-holiday washing – 67%
Unpacking your suitcase – 62%
Catching up on lots of emails – 51%
Opening and going through the post – 50%
Adjusting to the British weather – 43%
Dusting around the house – 31%
Jet lag – 27%
Bringing dead house plants back to life – 21%
Watering plants in the garden – 20%

Over two-thirds (71%) admit to feeling like they need another holiday as soon as they have returned from sunnier climes. To stay in holiday mode for as long as possible, 80% scroll through photo memories on their return 55% eat traditional food and drink from their holiday destination, while 39% play international music hits.

The findings also revealed that the top food item people find most important to stock up on their return from holiday is milk (78%), closely followed by bread (69%) and butter (38%). Unsurprisingly over a third (35%) of Brits admit to a cup of tea being the thing they crave most as soon as they return from holiday, all of which are available on easyJet’s curated ‘Restock the Fridge’ menu on Uber Eats. However, it turns out that European holidays do rub off on us with three-quarters (72%) admitting to developing an appetite for the local cuisine when abroad, which we then try to recreate back at home.

The survey also revealed that a whopping 93% of us believe that a yearly holiday is important as it gives us a chance to relax while over three-quarters (78%) of Brits say that an annual holiday is the thing they most look forward to all year long.

The biggest benefits of going on holiday is being able to spend time with family (53%), enjoying better weather (48%), experiencing different cultures (36%) as well as having time away from work and responsibilities (31%).

The post Top post-holiday annoyance for Brits when returning from vacation appeared first on Travel Daily.

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