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Watch PLDT Home’s new Valentine’s Day mini-series #SpeedThatMovesYou

Kaori Oinuma

Team Out of Town Blog Hub (Outoftownblog.com) – This Valentine’s Day, PLDT Home releases a new musical anthology that celebrates the power of digital connections in enabling people to find communities, friends, and love despite social distance.

Markus Paterson

Titled #SpeedthatMovesYou, the two-episode mini-series dives deep into different kinds of love starring the country’s hottest artists Gigi de Lana, Markus Paterson, and Kaori Oinuma, which drops on February 11 on the PLDT Home YouTube channel.

The first episode, The Duet, tells the story of Markus (Markus Paterson), a popular singer-songwriter struggling under the pressure to create successful music records. Finding solace in writing music for himself and posting it anonymously, he meets Arlisa (Gigi de Lana), a young talented singer who also posts anonymously because of fear of being in the spotlight online. Together they make music and fall in love but their secret identities threaten this newfound connection.

Kaori OinumaKaori OinumaGigi de LanaGigi de Lana

The second episode of the musical mini-series talks about The Confession, highlighting the importance of being true to oneself. In this episode, Abbie (Kaori Oinuma) is a college student, professional gamer, and streamer who has amassed a considerable following online. Her mother is an overseas Filipino worker whose dream for Abbie is to find a stable job as an accountant. Eager to gain her mother’s approval, Abbie juggles both her studies and her passion for eSports–a side of her that she hides from her mother. With a major eSports competition coming up, her classes piling up, and the emotional strain of hiding her dream eSports career from her mother, the pressure takes a toll on Abbie and will eventually lead her to choose between her own dream and a person she loves.

Watch and discover how the fastest connections can help form lasting love and meaningful relationships in this musical series on PLDT Home’s YouTube page. You can also listen to the new original song “Speed of Love” performed by Gigi de Lana, Markus Paterson and Kaori Oinuma and written by the award-winning songwriter Jonathan Manalo on Spotify.

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