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An update on the Dominion voting system

An update on the Dominion voting system

An Update on the Dominion Voting System | 60 minutes


Now, an update on a story we reported last October on the Dominion Voting System defamation suit against Fox News. It accused Fox News and some of its hosts of knowingly and repeatedly airing false allegations by Trump campaign lawyers and supporters — among them that Dominion rigged its vote-counting machines to switch Trump’s vote to Joe Biden. Dominion CEO John Pauls told us that this was no accidental error by Fox.

“It was a very clear account that they knew they were false,” Powles said. “And they were repeating them and supporting them.”

Fox chairman Rupert Murdoch admitted as much in a deposition released this past week. It followed texts and emails showing that some hosts themselves did not believe the allegations they were repeating

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