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For $186,000, this private Scottish island can be yours — but don’t count on being able to live there

For a minimum of £150,000, or more than $186,000, Barlocco Island off the coast of Scotland can be yours — but don’t count on being able to build yourself a home. The island is considered a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), which will make any kind of construction extremely difficult, and if you can get there at all.

Berlocco Island was listed for sale on Thursday, and at 25 acres it can only be reached “by boat or on foot or by tractor or quad bike at low tide,” according to those who linked the tide schedule. Listing so potential owners can plan viewings.

Barloco Island

Barloco Island


Visitors should “take due care and consideration of fields, terrain and potential livestock in the tide, access the property at low tide and return well before the return of the tide,” the firm wrote.

The island is the westernmost of the archipelago, six miles from the nearest major town. Seller unknown.

Aside from the flood pond, there are no existing sources of water on the island and no existing structures — but the flood pond is advertised as a “water supplier for livestock and wildlife.” So while you don’t have to worry about nosy neighbors, you may have some other residents to contend with.

But what the island lacks in amenities, it makes up for in views. The Scottish Government designates areas Special Scientific Sites because of their representation of “natural heritage” in flora, fauna, geology and more, meaning you can rely on nature to deliver.

David Corey, the listing agent in charge of selling the island, told the New York Times on Sunday that there are already 50 interested parties.

“It’s an often overlooked area of ​​Scotland that has some beautiful scenery, natural coastlines and extensive forests with a very low population density,” Corrie told the paper.

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