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Viewers comment on the Web Telescope report

Viewers comment on the Web Telescope report

In the mail: Viewers comment on the 60 Minutes Web Telescope report


Mail: Comment on last Sunday’s broadcast. “The Origin of Everything” The web has shown some stunning images captured by space telescopes “The Resurrection of Notre Dame” Reference is made to the reconstruction of medieval cathedrals damaged by fire in Paris.

What was most striking … the enthusiasm and inspirational “take” shown by the web scientists as well as the dedicated people involved in the restoration of Notre Dame. They exemplify the best of our human species.

Doris Nasiri

Berkeley, CA

But one viewer’s motivation is another viewer’s apostasy.

How boring to watch a 60 Minutes segment on The Big Bang Theory on Easter.

Bart Bartholomew

West Bend, WI

I’m Scott Pelley. We’ll be back next week with another edition of 60 Minutes.

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