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50 Best Parks And Rec Episodes Ranked

In the two-part Season 6 premiere “London,” the show had to deal with the fact that Chris Pratt needed time off to shoot “Guardians of the Galaxy.” Since the movie was being shot in London, the “Parks and Recreation” premiere was written to be set there. While in London, Ben and Andy visit Lord Edgar Covington (Peter Serafinowicz) to hopefully expand a charity they established in Pawnee. The childlike Eddie immediately hits it off with Andy and agrees to help them out, but asks that Andy remain in England to help get the charity started.

Leslie is in London to accept an award for women in government, though has a bit of a meltdown after realizing that her work is not appreciated in Pawnee. Later, April reads the letter she sent in order to nominate Leslie for the award, and its as heartwarming as you’d expect.

After Ron gets married to Diane, he also travels to London as part of his honeymoon, though he is sadly not joined by his wife because she is sick. Instead he has to suffer the indignities of Europe on his own. However, Leslie sends him to a brewery that makes him rethink his prejudices.

Jam packed with laughs and sweetness, both at home and abroad, “London” proves that you can still pull off a great episode even if it’s written to deal with real-life complications.

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