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Robert Pattinson Reveals The Batman Line That's Darker Than You Think

Speaking with FOX 5 News in Washington, D.C. on his press run for “The Batman” with Zoe Kravitz, Robert Pattinson was asked about the clip from the film’s first trailer where Batman beats down a henchman and says, “I am vengeance.” Pattinson explained that he actually went off script for that moment in order to emphasize the brutality this version of Batman is capable of. “I think that was the first time we started rehearsing, and the entire fight was choreographed before I even turned up, except for the last two punches,” Pattinson recalled. “‘I said, I really think there should be some gratuitous ones where he’s clearly unconscious, just to really set this up as a different type of Batman.'”

Zoe Kravitz chimed in, calling the line “unhinged” as Pattinson explained that he wanted “I am vengeance” to be the last thing the man heard as he went down. “I wanted to say it as he was losing consciousness, so it slips into his dreams,” the “Lighthouse” actor said, grinning. Kravitz responded, “Ooh, you’re twisted,” prompting Pattinson to elaborate, “I really wanted his future to be really, really damaged.” The moment was a fascinating look into the process of an actor who’s made no secret of the effort he put into his performance in this iconic role.

“That makes the scene even more insane,” the interviewer responded. Of course, “The Batman” is drawing inspiration from some of the character’s most brutal comic book sources, including “Batman: Year One” and “The Long Halloween.” How brutal this version of the caped crusader can get will certainly be fun to see when “The Batman” arrives in theaters on March 4.

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