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Amber Admits That She Doesn’t ‘Feel Like A Mom‘ On Family Reunion

Amber is a teen mom — but the mother of two glumly admitted that she does not “feel like I am a mom.”

During tonight’s Teen Mom: Family Reunion episode, the TMOG and TM2 women — Amber, Ashley, Briana, Cheyenne, Jade, Leah and Maci — continued to work with Coach B, with the objective of the exercise being to uncover the good and hopeful similarities among them.

“One mom at a time is going to stand up and say something positive about themself, and if you can relate, stand up where you are and then we will go around until everyone has gone,” Coach B explained about the “I am” circle activity.

Cheyenne declared “I am a giver,” while Briana said, “I am strong” and Leah stated, “I am compassionate.” While Ashley needed some encouragement to stand for Chey’s aforementioned statement because she was not enthusiastic about participating (due to the previous night’s events with Jade and Briana), everyone eventually stood up for the trio’s “I am” admissions. But when Maci voiced “I am a good mom,” Amber remained on the couch — even as her cohorts encouraged her to rise and Chey nudged her with a simple, “C’mon.”

“I know things with Amber and her daughter Leah are kind of rocky right now,” Maci stated in a one-on-one- interview. “But I want her to believe that she’s a good mom.”

Coach B asked why the mother of two did not relate to Maci’s comment, and Amber solemnly explained her reasoning.

“Sometimes I just don’t feel like I am a mom,” she admitted. “I let my anger kind of take over my life. I just wasn’t a good mom; I wasn’t there for my daughter when she needed me. I was an addict and in jail for fighting and all the batteries.”

The Indiana native explained that she has a strong desire to be there for Leah and son James and that she is taking classes for “battery intervention and anger management.”

“I keep f*cking up every time I have a child. I don’t feel like that’s a good mom,” Amber said.

Briana confessed privately that she could relate to Amber, while Maci told her cohort that there are plenty of parents who do not make the effort with their children.

“You’re doing the work,” Chey told Amber.

Eventually, Amber stood up, and everyone clapped for her as she embraced Cheyenne.

“I’m glad that I ended up standing up and being with them because it made me feel a little bit better,” she concluded in the confessional. “It’s okay to stand up and say that you’re a good mom when you’re trying to be there, even if you can’t change your past.”

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