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Are Donnie Wahlberg And Bridget Moynahan From Blue Bloods Friends In Real Life?

It seems that the actors on “Blue Bloods” have had no problem portraying a family on-screen because they have become one in real life. While promoting her new book, “Our Shoes, Our Selves,” during a 2019 interview with AOL’s Build series, Bridget Moynahan talked about her relationships with the cast of her CBS show. “Everybody on the cast, we have just become like a family. We really fell into these relationships easily, and we’ve just grown with each other over the past ten years.”

Just a few months earlier, while talking about filming Season 9 on “Live with Kelly and Ryan,” Donnie Wahlberg echoed that sentiment while addressing his relationship with Moynahan specifically. “We have a real dynamic like a real family. Bridget Moynahan is like my sister and my confidante, and we’re very close friends.” He didn’t shy away from adding the rest of the Reagans into the love he shared on set, either. “Will Estes is an amazing actor; he’s like my younger brother. And of course, Tom Selleck is like our dad.”

Looking back on the years the family has shared, it is easier to believe some of the more loving and poignant moments they show on the screen. It may actually become easier to accept the fights, too, because what siblings don’t argue? All in all, it makes you think they both are grateful Wahlberg convinced Moynahan to take the part, even though she initially passed. Viewers are no doubt appreciative as well.

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