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Essential Stories To Watch And Read Before Seeing The Batman

There is no more iconic duo in Batman’s long publication history than Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale. Between “Haunted Knight,” “The Long Halloween,” “Dark Victory,” and “Hush” (which was without Sale), the pair have authored some of the Caped Crusader’s most beloved and influential stories ever. Loeb’s masterfully enigmatic stories and Sale’s bold, contrast-heavy art worked in combination to influence Batman’s overall tone more than perhaps any single creative team.

Luckily for Catwoman fans, Loeb and Sale also released a story that put the cat front and center, titled “Catwoman: When in Rome.” The story follows Selina Kyle as she spends a week in Rome, probing the local mafia for answers about her unidentified parents. For most of her trip, she’s accompanied by Edward Nygma, aka the Riddler, in one of his several turns away from outright villainy. The story is an entertaining read for comic fans in general as Loeb and Sale maintain their high standard of storytelling throughout, but the story also has a special significance for “The Batman” fans.

The upcoming film will lean heavily on both Batman’s mercurial relationship with Catwoman and his protracted intellectual war with the Riddler. “Catwoman: When in Rome” sheds ample light on both characters, their complicated relationship with each other, and their place within Gotham’s labyrinthine hierarchy.

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