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FDC is vocal in overcoming electoral complexities

Monday afternoon. Cold air, with sunshine. The FDC, the hub of the film, seems to be trying to get out of this situation. Someone is saying, waking up. According to some, the FDC is returning to its original form. Because, shooting was going on in different places. The shooting of the advertisement was also going on. After a long time, FDC is busy shooting three films together, such a scene has not been seen in recent times. Dubbing was also going on. As such, FDC was quite active in shooting and dubbing.
The actors and crew are very happy in such an environment of FDC. The opinion of the journalists from different media was also like this, the environment of FDC should be like this. Where I will collect the news of the shooting every day, whether there is election and election!
In the last few days, a crowd of curious people has been noticed at the main gate of FDC. Inside was also the anagona of visitors. None of them came to see the shooting, there was no shooting. He came to see the stars who came to FDC around the election of Shilpi Samiti. Although it has been like this for the last few weeks, the day of Monday has changed a lot. For the same reason that FDC was created, it seems that there has been an attempt to return it successfully.

It was also learned from the FDC’s visit that the tense situation surrounding the election of the artists’ association held a week ago has not yet subsided. It was rolled up to the court on Monday. After the lawyer of Zayed Khan filed a writ petition in the High Court, the verdict directed to suspend the post of General Secretary of Nipun. Whispers among all, what will happen if the post of general secretary. Nipun, but not in this position? From noon onwards, media workers and supporters of the two panels started coming to FDC. It was heard in the afternoon that Nipun will appeal against the verdict in the High Court through his lawyer.
Meanwhile, it was learned that the shooting of three photos of the star-artists has been going on since this morning at FDC’s Koraitala, administrative building and other adjoining buildings. All in all, Monday’s FDC was in the festive mood. As soon as he went in front of the administrative building, his eyes were fixed on a beautiful set. Huge set of colors. There are also two rickshaws designed with peacocks. A large group of assistant dancers in splendid attire were rehearsing the dance. Bubli and Roshan called. It can be seen that Bubli and Roshan are coming towards the set from the Jasim floor. Speaking after the meeting, he said that the shooting of the song of their movie ‘Maya-The Love’ is going on in this set.

Konal and Jiku have given voices in the song under the music direction of Akash Mahmud. And the director of the film Jasim Uddin. Roshan said, “Even though I am not a voter, I still feel good about the election. In between we are shooting. Many people are crowding to see the shooting. Enjoying the subject, shooting. ‘ Bubli said, ‘I have been shooting at FDC for two days. I am a working man. I love being at work. I am shooting with joy. Our song is being shot in a very nice arrangement. ‘
I went inside the administrative building. As soon as he got out of there, it was seen that director Kazi Hayat was entering. He said that the shooting of his film ‘Joy Bangla’ will start on the ground floor of the building. He added, ‘Everyone at FDC will be busy shooting. But what is happening! What is happening now with the artist association is not desirable at all. All this is tarnishing the image of the artists, we are losing the reputation of the film. I am also losing the financier, which should not be at all. The protagonists of this film are Bappi and Zahra Mitu. Talking to them on the phone, he said that the two of them are in the beauty room on the 6th floor. Asked about the FDC election, Bappi said, “I want to know what is really going on in the FDC.”

After talking to Bubli-Roshan-Bappi, he walked out and met Apu Biswas in front of the Bangladesh Film Artist Study Room. After a long time, they exchanged greetings. He said that the film ‘Prem-Preeti Bandhan’ was being shot in Koraitala. So he came to FDC in the morning. The shooting stopped when the photographer suddenly fell ill. As there was no shooting, the two main actors of the film Apu Biswas and Joy Chowdhury were in the small dubbing room. The two dubbed for a few hours to use the shooting time. Talking about it, both of them said, ‘I thought, since I have left FDC, the time should be used. So we got the dubbing done. ‘ Apu said, ‘The film is being made on a big budget. The director is not compromising on anything.
It is learned that Apu Biswas and Joy Chowdhury will continue shooting at FDC till February 10. Meanwhile, Joy Chowdhury looked mentally disturbed. Joy Chowdhury, International Secretary of the Film Artists’ Association, said: I want to concentrate on acting in movies. What is happening now is not good at all. ‘
Meanwhile, the court has issued a one-week rule asking why the decision to cancel Zayed Khan’s candidature would not be invalid. The letter reached the Shilpi Samiti office at FDC around 5.30 pm. However, as no one accepted it, it was hung on the notice board of the association.

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