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Why are you crying Afran Nisho to Mehjabin

Afran Nisho in the role of video camera person. He said like the directors, three-to-one-zero action. Mehjabin Chowdhury is closing his eyes in front of his camera. Then something like a hair-cutting machine moves forward towards Mehjabin’s eyebrows. Mehjabin closed his eyes in fear. Afran Nisho in the role of cameraman and director did not say cut but said in a worried voice, why are you crying?

Mehjabin took care of himself after hearing such words from Nishor’s face. A smile appears on his face, but the middle of that smile is a sign of apprehension. Afran Nisho said, why are you crying? Mehzabin breathed a sigh of relief that he was OK. Nisho said, “Yes, that’s right.” But before you look in the mirror? Going to the mirror, Mehjabin stared at his eyebrows for a while and said, “Yes, that’s right.” Need to clean a little more. Nisho said again, why are you crying? This time Mehjabin smiled even though he didn’t say anything.

What happened in the shooting room that day? Mehjabin had to cut off some part of his eyebrows for shooting. The actress was worried about this even before the shooting. “I was scared of it from the beginning,” he said. Shooting from the next day. Once we make a mistake, we will not have time to correct it. I have to be perfect in one chance. That’s why I was scared, I was nervous. If not, the look will be ruined. I took the whole risk. We have tried to portray the look of a Nila Khan in the way it was supposed to. ‘

Popular actress Mehjabeen made her debut through the video streaming platform Charki’s Redram Web Film. The 1 minute 39 second trailer of Redram has been released recently. He got praise there. Mehjabin is appearing in the role of Nila in this romantic thriller movie. It is directed by Vicky Jahed. Mehjabin said, “After cutting my eyebrows, I did not do any other shooting in December and January at this time. I didn’t want to reveal the look at this time. ‘

It is known that although romantic, ‘Redram’ is an old school thriller, where the viewers will always look for the culprit. Here viewers will find answers to many questions, but nothing will match until the movie is over. The answer to all the mysteries will be found on February 17 at 8 pm.