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Future Dead by Daylight Comics Needs to Explore The Game’s Greatest Mystery


The Black Vale, a mysterious cult in Dead by Daylight, has become as iconic as the Entity itself in the lore landscape.
The group’s hidden influence on characters like the Twins and even Nicolas Cage makes them an intriguing next focus for a comic arc.
Titan Comics could explore the Black Vale’s origins by tying them into the stories of well-known killers and survivors from the game.

While there are many potential story possibilities for future Dead by Daylight comics, the franchise’s greatest mystery, the Black Vale, needs to be the focus of the next series. With the release of Dead by Daylight #4 by Nadia Shammas and Dillon Snook, the first comic series based on the hit horror game by BHVR has officially ended. However, with an ambitious multiverse at its disposal, the question remains what should come next. But there’s one dark mystery with great potential to be explored in comic form.

The Black Vale is a secondary antagonist in the Dead by Daylight universe that has been operating in the background for years. In a fascinating video created by YouTuber Pixel Bush, he discusses how their role and influence in the Dead by Daylight story has led to them becoming “almost as much of DBD’s lore landscape as the Entity itself.” The Black Vale’s history goes all the way back to Tome 1, the first-ever collection of lore that can be earned by completing challenges in the game. The group was defined as a cult that worships the Entity, but has since gone on to play a greater part in the stories of future characters added to the game. It has a massive amount of influence on things like the government, branched cult communities and even Hollywood itself.

While the killers and survivors that have become beloved by fans would be fantastic subjects of the next Dead by Daylight comic series, the Black Vale and the mysteries that bind them to the shadows offer untold potential for a lore-heavy story in future Titan Comics releases.

Why The Black Vale Needs to Be the Next Comic Arc for Dead by Daylight

“The Black Vale’s hand in world events has led to them becoming a mystery for the
Dead by Daylight
community to decipher their origins and figure out their ultimate endgame.”

The Black Vale has played a massive role in the overarching lore of Dead by Daylight. The group has not just expanded what the Entity is, but also interacts with playable characters in the games, changing their lives forever by being a root cause of why they were taken for the Trials. Characters like the Twins, the Artist and even Nicolas Cage have encountered the Black Vale at some point, whether it’s by tangling with the cult itself or unknowingly speaking with a known member of the group. The Black Vale’s hand in world events has led to them becoming a mystery for the Dead by Daylight community to decipher their origins and figure out their ultimate endgame. By giving the Black Vale the spotlight in a new comic series, Titan Comics can finally answer fans’ questions and bring the truth behind this evil cult to light.

How Dead by Daylight Can Create a Black Vale Comic Storyline

The Twins Encounter the Black Vale in Official Dead by Daylight Artwork

One difficult part of creating an arc about the Black Vale is engaging fans of the game without going too far away from the characters that they love. Without well-known killers and survivors somewhere in the story, those who aren’t as in touch with the lore could get lost. With this in mind, the best way to go about creating a Black Vale comic arc would be finding ways to tie them into the stories of Dead by Daylight’s characters, showing how they played a role in each character’s destiny. A great example of how this could be done is a theory Pixel Bush mentions in his video, where he suggests that the Plague’s followers became the first members of the Black Vale.

There are many different angles that Dead by Daylight could go to explore the Black Vale’s identity and influence, and interweaving them with short stories focused on various killers could be the way to go. The Black Vale has become a huge part of the game’s lore, and the cult being the primary focus of a future series is a natural next step. There are still so many questions left unanswered that a deep dive in comic form could be perfect. Dead by Daylight has so much potential as a comic series following the recent spotlight on the Legion’s bloody origin, and digging deeper into the Black Vale’s lore would make for an excellent leap forward for its future with Titan Comics.

Source: Pixel Bush

Dead by Daylight #4

Dead by Daylight #4 Comic Art Featuring Susie from The Legion Writer: Nadia Shammas Artist: Dillon Snook Colorist: Emilio Lecce Letterer: AndWorld Design’s JAME Cover Artist: DaNi & Brad Simpson

Dead by Daylight #4

is available now from Titan Comics!


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