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Suicide Squad Reveals Terrifying New Roster with Shock Arrowverse Leader


Amanda Waller recruits Dreamer to lead the new Task Force X in the Suicide Squad miniseries Dream Team by Nicole Maines.
The Squad will enter the Dream Realm on a special ops mission, with Dreamer’s unique abilities playing a crucial role.
Dreamer’s connection to the Dream Realm, Naltorian powers, and Amanda Waller’s grand plan all set the stage for intriguing developments.

Warning! Contains a preview for Suicide Squad: Dream Team #1The Suicide Squad meets the Arrowverse when Dreamer is recruited by Amanda Waller to lead the latest iteration of Task Force X. The four-issue miniseries Suicide Squad: Dream Team is written by Nicole Maines, who originated the role of Dreamer aka Nia Nal in season 4 of the CW’s Supergirl. Maines has written several stories starring her character for DC Comics, but Dream Team marks her debut as a series writer for the publisher.

DC has released a preview for Suicide Squad: Dream Team #1 by Nicole Maines, Eddy Barrows, and Eber Ferreira that introduces us to the first four members of this Squad. Amanda Waller begins debriefing the team immediately as they wake up on a ship in international waters. One by one, Waller introduces Harley Quinn, Deadeye, Clock King, and finally Dreamer.

In the preview, Amanda Waller explains the impending mission to her unwilling Task Force X. She divulges that the updated Squad will be entering the Dream Realm on this special-ops mission, explaining why Dreamer is essential to the new team.

Meet Amanda Waller’s Dream Team – The New Task Force X

Though Dreamer may be the most important member of this Suicide Squad, there are five others who have been teased by DC. Harley Quinn and Clock King are the only past members to appear on Waller’s Dream Team, keeping this iteration of the Squad mostly fresh. Dreamer is a recent addition to comic lore herself, but Deadeye is the newest character to appear on the roster. This version of Deadeye is Archie Waller, Amanda’s nephew. Bizarro and Black Alice are the two members of the team that are not given an introduction in the preview before the first issue’s release.

Although covers and solicits for Suicide Squad: Dream Team promise that the series will lead into DC’s massive summer 2024 event Absolute Power, Amanda Waller’s grand plan is still yet to be seen. Amanda informs the eclectic group she’s formed that they will be traveling to Gamorra, an island nation with advanced weapons. This new Squad’s mission will take them through the Dream Realm, hence the addition of Nia Nal. In the Suicide Squad: Dream Team #1 preview released by DC, Amanda explains the unique mission that the Squad will be tasked with completing:

You’ll be taking an alternative route through the Dream Realm. You’ll be entering on this side of the dome, and then emerging through the consciousness of a sleeping person within the capital. While I recognize that this method is unorthodox, it is precisely why this mission is going to be a success.

Dreamer’s Connection to the Dream Realm Makes Her Essential

Dreamer Crashes through Glass

Nia Nal comes from a long line of Naltorians, and is an ancestor of the 31st century Legion of Super-Heroes member Nura Nal aka Dream Girl. People from the planet Naltor have precognitive powers through dreams, also known as oneiromancy, and other abilities including astral projection. Nia and the Naltorians get these powers from the Dream Realm. In Superman: Son of Kal-El #13 by Tom Taylor, Nicole Maines, and Clayton Henry, Nia also finds herself able to reach somebody’s physical location through their dreams. This power of oneiric travel may come in handy during her mission leading the Suicide Squad.

There are many intriguing factors to this new Task Force X still yet to be seen. How characters like Bizarro and Black Alice will react to being on the Squad, Dreamer and Harley Quinn’s brewing dynamic, and Amanda Waller’s familial connection to Deadeye will all play out in the pages of Suicide Squad: Dream Team. With Waller’s manipulation of events connecting this series from Beast World to the upcoming Absolute Power, her plans for Dreamer may prove the most malicious. Proving her significance beyond the Arrowverse, Dreamer leading the Suicide Squad through the Dream Realm will have greater ramifications for the DC Universe at large.

Suicide Squad: Dream Team #1

will be available March 12 from DC Comics.

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