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How Chicago P.D. Pulled Off That Incredible Season 9 Bridge Scene

Ahead of the debut of “Still Water,” which served as the mid-season premiere for “Chicago P.D.” Season 9, the official Wolf Entertainment YouTube page uploaded a behind-the-scenes video detailing exactly how the incredible bridge scene was performed. The scene involved a car crashing into the Chicago River and Detective Hailey Upton (Tracy Spiridakos) diving into the ice-cold water to save the passengers in the car. According to the video, most of what was shown in tonight’s episode was pulled off with practical effects using cranes and a launch pad.

As for the portion of the stunt where Spiridakos’ Upton takes a polar plunge, the “Chicago P.D.” team utilized a stunt double in stuntwoman Kelli Scarangello. They only had one chance to do this properly. For the underwater sequences involving Upton rescuing people from the car, the crew built a tank for Spiridakos and Scarangello to safely swim in. Spiridakos herself revealed that she has an Open Water Diver certificate and that she’s been trained in how to open her eyes and breathe properly underwater. 

The stunt itself is absolutely breathtaking (no pun intended) and, given her training and the help from a capable stunt double in Scarangello, it seems like it was the perfect one for Spiridakos and her character.

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