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Queer X-Men Icons Captain Britain & Rachel Summers To Star In New Marvel Series


Betsy Braddock and Rachel Summers are set to star in a new X-Men series in the upcoming From The Ashes era.
The beloved queer couple will face challenges in a post-Krakoa world, further exploring their relationship and roles as mutant heroes.
Fans are excited to see Rachel and Betsy’s relationship grow even stronger as they continue fighting against injustice.

As the Krakoan Age of the X-Men ends, and their new From The Ashes era soon begins, Marvel has revealed that the iconic queer couple Betsy Braddock – Captain Britain – and Rachel Summers – Askani – will star in a unrevealed new series. The fierce power couple previously starred in Betsy’s Captain Britain series, relying on each other’s inner strength and mutant abilities to fight against the villainous Morgan Le Fay.

During the fall of Krakoa, Rachel and Betsy are separated while fighting against the forces of Orchis and Enigma, with Askani a part of Xavier’s reality-hopping team in Rise of the Powers of X while Captain Britain battles Selene and the Externals in X-Men Unlimited.

In their Pride Month announcement, Marvel has revealed that Rachel Summers, “…will star alongside her girlfriend, Betsy Braddock, in a yet-to-be announced X-Men title in the upcoming FROM THE ASHES era,” as the X-Men build themselves back up following the fall of Krakoa.

Captain Britain And Askani Will Rise From The Ashes

Betsy Braddock’s role in a post-Krakoa world is incredibly unclear, because of her multiple allegiances. While Betsy started the Krakoan Era as a hero of both Krakoa and Britain, she would eventually become more prominent as an Otherworld hero, protecting the realms “witchbreed” in Knights of X. Britain has always had a complex relationship with Captain Britain, and the anti-mutant Britain have never accepted Betsy Braddock as their national hero. The From the Ashes era of the X-Men will see their teams spread across the world, so there is a chance that Betsy and Rachel’s story could be based in the UK or Otherworld.

X-Men To Relaunch “From The Ashes”: Three New Series Officially Revealed by Marvel Comics

Rachel Summers, the alternate reality daughter of Cyclops and Jean Grey, once wielded the power of the Phoenix, a power that her mother will soon reclaim. Askani’s current role is an important one, supporting both Xavier and the Dead X-Men, revealing that she chose not to ask Betsy to join her new mutant team in part to keep her safe. Marvel’s announcement of From the Ashes revealed several other titles besides the main three X-Men series, like Phoenix and X-Force, but their reveal of Betsy and Rachel’s book teases that their series has not had its title revealed.

Rachel And Betsy’s Relationship Is Beloved By Fans

Betsy & Rachel Kiss in Knights of X

Rachel and Betsy finally kissing in Knights of X, becoming official girlfriends, was a momentous occasion for X-Men fans, who had been hoping for the two heroes to get together for some time. Particularly Rachel Summers, whose queerness had always been subtextual and not explicitly stated, entering into such a beautiful sapphic relationship was a huge moment for the franchise. Hopefully their upcoming From the Ashes series will see their relationship grow even stronger, as they continue their ongoing fight against injustice.

While there are few, if any, details about the upcoming X-Men series starring Captain Britain and Askani, fans are incredibly excited to see Betsy Braddock and Rachel Summers continue being a team, both as heroes and as girlfriends.

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