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Steve-O's Biggest Jackass Regret Might Surprise You

Amazingly, Steve-O’s biggest regret on “Jackass” is not performing a stunt that was especially harmful or embarrassing, but rather that he did not participate in more harmful and embarrassing stunts throughout his career. In an episode of his podcast, “Steve-O’s Wild Ride!,” Steve-O sat down with fellow “Jackass” star Jason “Wee-Man” Acuña.

“People ask me ‘what stunt did you regret?'” Steve-O told Wee-Man. “And I have an answer that is the same answer every time, that my honest regret is that I didn’t do more…there were so many times when I didn’t step up, or I did but I half-assed it, and if I’d just gone all-out and dug a little deeper and got the f***ing footage, I would have been more stoked.”

Steve-O can even point out a specific stunt that he thinks exemplifies this, and it turns out to be the baby alligator stunt from “Jackass 3D.” In the final version, the crew has a baby alligator bite the nipple of “Jackass” co-founder Johnny Knoxville. However, the original plan was to have Steve-O do it instead. Steve-O declined, and the version filmed with Knoxville ended up on the official poster for the movie’s release. Had Steve-O not chickened out, he would have been on that poster instead, and he would’ve received even more exposure for his work on the film than he ended up getting.

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