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The Big Problem Some Fans Have With Fire Force

When it comes to memorable action scenes or profound moments that are ripe for deep reflection, “Fire Force” follows the Shonen genre blueprint of going heavy with the fights and drama. But as some fans pointed out, it’s just too bad that these intense scenes are often interrupted by ill-timed humor. As Redditor u/MrEverything70 said, “My main problem with this show is that there are a lot of serious moments where I want to take the plot seriously, and the tension is quickly ruined by a joke of some kind. I found this happening a lot as I kept watching, and it kept annoying me over and over.”

Other fans like u/thrallath agreed while also comparing “Fire Force” to Ōkubo’s previous work “Soul Eater.” They wrote, “I think Fire Force’s main problem is that Ōkubo did try to make something more serious than Soul Eater but struggled to find those right moments to add the humor, which is why it can be so jarring at times.” It does make sense why some fans would compare “Soul Eater” to “Fire Force,” as both shows rely a lot on humor. However, it’s arguable that “Soul Eater” pulls this off more organically, as its dark, grim reaper aesthetic meshes so well with the light moments that some critics have even compared the show to Tim Burton’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas.”

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