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The Last TV Show Bill Paxton Was In Before He Died

After his Emmy nomination for “Hatfields & McCoys” in 2012 for Best Actor in a Miniseries or a Movie, and multiple Golden Globe nominations for his starring role in HBO’s “Big Love,” Paxton would then land a starring role as Detective Frank Rourke in the CBS television series “Training Day,” the sequel to the 2001 film featuring Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawke. 

The 2017 “Training Day” series followed the same basic plot as the movie — a rookie cop joins the Los Angeles Police Department with a somewhat crooked veteran officer. Paxton plays the role that Washington did, the veteran cop that isn’t what he appears to be. This would serve as the last television series that Paxton ever was part of, as he would pass two days after the fourth episode of the series was released.

Given Paxton’s starring role, it’s likely that his death was the primary reason “Training Day” did not continue past the first season. There’s no way of knowing if it would have continued otherwise, as it was one of the lowest-rated CBS shows in 2017 (via TVLine). Either way, Paxton ended his career completing an entire season of a show, along with having a respectable resume and lasting relationships with many in the entertainment industry.

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