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Djokovic will now be vaccinated after seeing Nadal’s ’21 ‘

He went to play in the Australian Open, but after a lot of drama, Novak Djokovic had to return without playing. The world’s number one male tennis star was somehow expelled by Australia for not being vaccinated against coronavirus. Djokovic then saw Rafael Nadal’s record 21st Grand Slam win. After Nadal’s historic victory at the Australian Open, Djokovic is now thinking of getting vaccinated!

Nadal has surpassed Djokovic and Federer in the record of winning the Grand Slam by defeating Danil Medvedev of Russia. Djokovic was definitely one of the favorites in this tournament. But in the end he did not get a chance to play. Nadal has set a record for a great win even after falling behind in the final.

Djokovic, however, greeted Nadal on social media. However, after Nadal’s victory, Djokovic’s autobiographer Daniel Muyukshch said that he was thinking about getting vaccinated anew. “From what I hear from around me, it seems he is getting vaccinated,” he told the Austrian media outlet. Maybe the Australian final has an effect on it. Maybe Rafael Nadal’s 21st Grand Slam is pushing him here.

Recently, France is also going to impose new restrictions on coronavirus vaccination. As a result, Djokovic could be in trouble for playing in the second Grand Slam of the year, the French Open. The United States has said in the past that no vaccinated person can play in the US Open.

Djokovic has not been seen on court since the Davis Cup semifinals in Croatia last December. He could be seen at the Dubai Open later this month. Of course, he can be seen at the Mexico Open before. In addition to Medvedev, Alexander Zverev, Stefanos Tsitsipas and Matteo Beretini will play there.

If Djokovic is finally vaccinated, he could be seen at the Masters Open in Indian Wells and Miami. Vaccination is mandatory under current US law. He can also meet Nadal if he plays there.

Djokovic, meanwhile, will have to play in these tournaments to maintain his position in the ATP rankings. So far he is at number one in the rankings. Medvedev is in both. The Russian will play in the Rotterdam Open 500. Medvedev will have the opportunity to narrow the gap with Djokovic.

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