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Rashid Khan is coming to Bangladesh with ‘Push … Pa’ shot

Rashid Khan is one of the best spinners in the world right now. His bowling-diversity in T20 makes any team think.

So everyone is interested in the Afghan leg-spinner in the franchise tournament. He is again playing for Lahore Calendars in Pakistan Super League (PSL). In an interview given to the media ‘Cricket Pakistan’, Rashid Khan spoke openly.

Rashid took a break from playing for the country after playing two matches for Lahore at the start of the PSL last season. Then he ran after Shakib Al Hasan as his replacement but Lahore could not convince him.

Rashid later returned to the franchise for the rest of the season. Rashid, who has taken 4 wickets in 5 matches for Lahore this season, has yet to show his best. However, the 23-year-old leg-spinner has shown his innovative ability in batting.

Former India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s ‘helicopter shot’ was seen from Rashid Khan’s bat. For the national team, Rashid Khan played the shot whenever he got a chance in the franchise tournament. The ‘helicopter shot’ cannot be called Rashid Khan’s own ‘asset’ as the shot was born from Dhoni’s brain.

However, Rashid himself has invented an innovative shot, which has been seen in PSL this time. He has not yet given a specific name for the shot. However, after watching the shot from his bat, it may seem that it is a ‘no look slog flick’.

In other words, in wrist twisting and timing, the ball is played on the mid-wicket or square leg from the leg or its surroundings and thus he has also hit sixes in PSL.

The thing about watching this shot is that the batsmen usually look at the direction the ball is going after playing the shot, but Rashid Khan does not do it while playing the shot, so it is a ‘no look’.

Although this ‘no look shot’ has been seen from the Caribbean before. Many more have played like this. However, with the exception of the ‘No Look’ part, the entire shot reveals Rashid’s own tactics, which is why the shot has been recognized in the media by cricket fans as his invention.

“It’s not a helicopter shot,” said Rashid Khan in an interview with Cricket Pakistan. Because, it’s a little different. I used it because my wrist is strong. The shot is actually a kind of flick. The balance and the position of the head have to be kept right. ‘

In this age of T20, batsmen have to come up with new shots to make quick runs. He also did not stop as Rashid mastered batting along with bowling. Every day he tries to play new shots in practice, if he succeeds there, he will be applied in the match.

Rashid presented his new shot in front of PSL spectators in the match against Multan Sultans on January 29. Multan pacer Shahnawaz Dahani hit a full toss along Rashid’s right knee.

Rashid took a little space and twisted the wrist and put the ball in the middle of the bat. But the sharp twisting of the wrist, the swing of the bat and the good timing made it fall into the gallery. Surprises fell on the voices of the commentators.

It has also been noticed that Rashid has mastered this shot after practice. On January 17, he posted a video of the exercise on social media Instagram.

Standing at bat, the tennis ball is thrown from the other end at half volley length along the right foot. Rashid played the shot from the off stump just like he was standing without moving his legs.

He asked fans for the name of the shot on Instagram. One of the movie lovers wrote ‘Push … Pa Shot’. Many more said different names. Rashid, however, has not yet chosen a name from the names given to the fans. However, after watching the shot, many people can take the name ‘Push … Pa’. As the movement of the legs is very low, he may think while playing that shot, hey! There is no movement of the legs!

Rashid is with Lahore till February 19. The Afghanistan team will visit Bangladesh to play three ODIs and two T20s. The first ODI will start on February 23 in Chittagong. Rashid Khan will have to leave the PSL for the Lahore Calendars to play for the country. Needless to say, he will try to play this new shot of his own in Bangladesh tour.