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Siddons has not seen Mushfiqur on ‘Long Drive’ yet

How does it feel to come to Bangladesh again?

Jamie Siddons: Great! It’s great for me to be back here. I have always been very comfortable in Bangladesh.

This reporter’s talk with the new batting coach of Bangladesh team went further later. Before moving on to that, let’s move on to the chemistry between Bangladesh and Jamie Siddons.

The Australian coach’s relationship with Bangladesh dates back to 2006. Then he came to be the head coach of the national team. After the 2011 World Cup, the BCB sent him off saying ‘thank you’, but Siddons’ relationship with Bangladesh did not go down well. It was tied to one or another thread.

Siddons fell in love with Bangladesh last time. Riding a rickshaw on the streets of Dhaka with his partner Kim was one of his hobbies at that time. He used to go out at night on long drive.

From the sun-drenched ground of old Dhaka to Padma Resort — nothing was unknown. He used to find pictures of life from the traffic jams of Dhaka. When he went out for a walk on the street, he would buy apples and bananas for the street children. That was one day in Siddons!

This time Siddons has not yet returned to the field, but time is running out. Watching the BPL match between Dhaka-Sylhet-Dhaka. In a video posted on his Facebook page in Sylhet, he once again said that he likes Bangladesh.

With the video, Siddons wrote, ‘Many familiar faces. Great place! Every day in Bangladesh is spent happily. Of course, traffic jams are my big concern. ‘

Anxiety may occur, but anxiety is certainly not. Otherwise, why would this coach from Australia be so anxious to drive on the streets of Dhaka?

“How does it feel to come back to Bangladesh?” Siddons later added in response to the initial question, “Many people here know me. More to come. And I see this city (Dhaka) as busy as before. But I love driving. If I can, I will want to drive on the streets of Dhaka every day. ‘

Is the old hobby of long drive getting up again? Even if that is the case, Siddons will not be with Kim this time. After Kim Sangini, a physiotherapist by profession, she became his wife and added her husband’s name – Kim Siddons. In Adelaide he is busy managing his family and children.

When Siddons was the head coach of the Bangladesh team, his two eldest children Stella and Toby were younger. 9-year-old Jonah was born later.

Calling Jamie Siddons a little too family-oriented doesn’t seem like a big deal. Last time he wanted to have a family in Dhaka with Kim. Later it did not happen.

However, Maya’s attraction towards Dhaka city seems to be tapping into her emotional tone again, ‘The city is very lively. Something or other happens all the time. This time I came and saw that many new infrastructures are being built, many new hotels have been built. Even if the traffic jam is the same as before, it is not a problem for me.

Even after leaving Bangladesh in 2011, Siddons kept in touch with many old students, colleagues and friends in Dhaka. In 2012, Tamim called Iqbal to New Zealand and played for his team Wellington Firebirds.

In the middle years, there are cricketers in Bangladesh who have taken personal batting tips from Siddons.

Even though the work has not started yet, almost everyone has contacted Siddons in the ‘return’ innings of the old coach in Bangladesh.

“The players of my time, who are now seniors, have all welcomed me,” said Siddons. I have talked to all of them, except Mushi (Mushfiqur Rahim). ‘

The reason for not communicating with Mushfiqur yet may be the busy schedule of BPL. Siddons will surely see him during the rest of the tournament. And even if it is not, there is no problem. Mushfiqur is getting Siddons in the dressing room as the batting coach in Afghanistan series!

Siddons is also anxiously waiting for that, ‘I want to go down to coaching as soon as they (players) finish the BPL. I can’t wait any longer …. ‘

Bangladesh cricket is also waiting. We are waiting to see what the old Jamie Siddons gives to his ‘Long Drive’ in Bangladesh.