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Unique and memorable experiences in Tokyo

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After what feels like an eternity indoors, all we want to do is explore and wander about, and get lost in new experiences and new sights. There is no end to discoveries to make in Tokyo, so why not hear what the locals get up to on their days off to get a taste of something you won’t find in the guidebooks?

The Capitol Hotel Tokyu, a five-star hotel in Tokyo, has put together a list of locations recommended by locals so that your experience in Tokyo is a unique one that really separates it from the rest! From a park that is gorgeous year-round to the freshest noodles in town, make sure to add these items to your Tokyo itinerary.

Bazoku in Asakusa, Tokyo


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There’s always something fascinating and exciting about watching your meal be prepared by a master, and this Chinese noodle restaurant located in the heart of east Tokyo doesn’t disappoint. The noodles are made right in front of you, fresh to order in a live performance of stretching and kneading that ensures the best and freshest quality of dishes are served every time.

Along with the original dandan broth, the thick pieces of pork complement the super soft and springy texture of the noodles in a dish that is a must-try in Asakusa. Loyal customers also vouch for their signature gyoza dish, a perfect side to go along with the noodles, with a juicy beef centre that will leave you satisfied.

Showa Commemorative National Government Park in Tachikawa, Tokyo


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Spread out over 1,653,000 square metres and 39 times the size of the Tokyo Dome, this beautiful park is the fifth biggest in Japan, and one that requires a full day in your itinerary. The grounds feature gorgeous gardens full of flowers, a bonsai garden, and a classical Japanese garden where you can experience a Japanese tea ceremony, and also a pool and barbeque area to relax and enjoy a picnic whilst spending time with friends and family.

The park is ever-changing, with a different and impressive appearance each season due to the vast variety of flowers, making it the perfect place to visit time and time again. For those seeking a breath of fresh air away from the city’s hustle and bustle, this park is the perfect refreshing escape.

Sky Deck at Tokyo City View in Roppongi, Tokyo

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One of the most popular and well-known nightlife areas in Tokyo, Roppongi has plenty to offer for night owls and those who are a little more nocturnal by nature. For those seeking out sparkling views of the Tokyo skyline, the Sky Deck at Tokyo City View is one of the best places to capture the city lights. Located on the 52nd floor of the Roppongi Hills Mori Tower, the outdoor observation deck is 270 metres above sea level, and the open-air rooftop gives a perfectly unobstructed panoramic view of the city and Tokyo Tower, with access to the adjacent art museum as well as the art that is the city.

Umeshu, Plum Wine at Umaya in Akasaka, Tokyo

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Made by steeping plums in liqueur, umeshu is a sweet Japanese plum wine served as an aperitif in high-end restaurants with authentic Japanese dishes. Its aroma is light, and the amber beverage is easy to drink and flavourful, with low alcohol content. There and many unique flavours, made from countless varieties of plums mixed with a range of other ingredients, including black sugar, strawberries, and even green tea. Indulge in a glass at the izakaya Umaya, a Japanese-style pub, which serves high-quality Japanese cuisine with a stunning interior to match.

Japan, a country on so many people’s bucket lists, is teeming with amazing experiences and hidden gems away from the crowded streets and bucket list locations that everybody visits, with plenty of treasures waiting to be discovered.

The post Unique and memorable experiences in Tokyo appeared first on Travel Daily.

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