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How to Watch Rick and Morty Season 6 Ep1 Online Free Streaming HD

Rick and Morty Season 6 Online

Rick and Morty Season 6 Online

Television’s favorite alcoholic grandpa and grandson are back in action. The adult-animated sitcom Rick and Morty is headed back into outer space and other dimensions in the upcoming season 6, created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon. A wacky and beloved half-hour cartoon, the science-fiction Adult Swim series features the wild escapades that mad scientist Rick and his grandson Morty go on while causing chaos within their family.

Part science-fiction, part family comedy, Rick and Morty spices up the classic All-American sitcom formula with intergalactic adventures.

Following the dysfunctional, suburban living Smith family, the family includes parents Jerry and Beth, and their two children, 17-year-old Summer and 14-year-old Morty. Bringing up the rear is Beth’s sociopathic, drunk, mad scientist father Ricky Sanchez, and he brings Morty along on his many time traveling and planet exploring adventures while more often than not inviting danger into the family.

Rick and Morty channel a classic odd couple chemistry as Ricky’s reckless antics are balanced out by Morty’s awkward, nervous demeanor, and he often fails to reign his grandfather in once he gets an idea.

Despite their wishes, Summer, Jerry and Beth get dragged into Rick and Morty’s messes, and heading into season 6 they’re sure to find themselves in the middle of various monster clashes within the multiverse.

All the primary voice actors are slated to return for season 6, which will clock in at a total of ten episodes. Along with serving as the series creator, Justin Roiland performs the voices of both Rick and Morty.

Roiland is a seasoned voice actor and comedian, and he’s also lent his voice in the past to the Cartoon Network series Adventure Time and the Disney Channel series, Gravity FallsChris Parnell (Saturday Night Live) voices the cynical, often berated Jerry, Spencer Grammer (Greek) voices the angsty Summer, and Sarah Chalke (Scrubs) voices the uptight mother and veterinarian, Beth.

Chalke is best known for her work on the NBC sitcom Scrubs and the Netflix original series Firefly Lane, and Parnell was featured on Saturday Night Live from 1998-2012, in addition to guest starring on 30 Rock as fan favorite Doctor Leo Spaceman.

Rick and Morty premiered on Adult Swim in 2013, and every season has been both a critical and commercial success with millions of viewers tuning in each week to watch the Smiths go on intergalactic quests amidst family dinners and math tests.

Containing a cast of renowned comedic actors, the show has been praised for its dry humor and the chameleon-like qualities the actors exhibit as they transform their voices to play multiple different roles within the show.

The series has also won multiple awards, including two Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Animated Program, and is one of Adult Swim’s highest-rated shows. As the September 4 premiere date fast approaches, here’s all the information you need to tune in and watch.

When and Where to Watch Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty season 6 will debut Sunday, September 4 at 11 p.m. ET on Adult Swim. Viewers need to have access to the Cartoon Network channel to watch Rick and Morty, as Adult Swim serves as an adult-oriented programming block that airs various animated series beginning at 8:00 pm ET through 6 am ET.

There will be a total of 10 episodes in season 6, and episodes will be made available to stream on Adult Swim’s website. As of now, no date has been announced as to when the new season will be available to stream on HBO Max and Hulu, and it likely won’t be on the platform until a few months after the season ends.

If you need to catch up before the premiere, seasons 1-5 are currently available to stream on Hulu. To watch, Hulu offers an ad-supported monthly subscription for $6.99, or yearly for $69.99. For a premium, ad-free subscription, the cost rises to $12.99 per month or $83.88 annually.

Rick and Morty Season 6 Episode List

Episode 1: “Bethic Twinstinct” – September 4, 2022

Episode 2: “Ricktional Mortpoon’s Rickmas Mortcation” – September 11, 2022

Episode 3: “Full Meta Jackrick” – September 18, 2022

Episode 4: “Final Destination” – September 25, 2022

Episode 5: “Rick: A Mort Well Lived” – October 2, 2022

Episode 6: “Night Family” – October 9, 2022

Episode 7: “A Rick in King Mortur’s Mort” – October 16, 2022

Episode 8: “Solaricks” – October 23, 2022

Episode 9: “Anaylze Piss” October 30, 2022

Episode 10: “Juricksic Mort” – November 6, 2022

Is There a Trailer for Season 6?

Alien invasions, alternate realities, and evil doppelgängers run amuck in the full-length season 6 trailer for Rick and Morty, and it’s like we never left the strange town where monsters and spaceships are as common as white picket fences and rose bushes. Rick and Morty are back in action and seem to be in more danger than ever before with an increased level of urgency as life as they know it may change forever.

The trailer begins with Rick announcing to the family that they all may have to vanish from their current reality, and things just get weirder from there.

In contrast to past seasons that mostly contain stand-alone episodes like the iconic “Pickle Rick,” everything that’s been revealed for season 6 suggests that it will have a more serialized storytelling approach as the family bands together to fight various alien invasions.

What is the General Plot for Season 6?

While not much is known about season 6 of Rick and Morty, all the teasers and trailers have hinted that there is going to be a greater overall story arc that involves alternate universes and a catastrophic alien invasion. There will also be lab mishaps and Die Hard-like heists as season 5 ended with the Evil Morty destroying the Citadel of Ricks, an interdimensional sanctuary where the hundreds of Ricks and Mortys can seek refuge across the entire multiverse.

Additional Titles like Rick and Morty to Stream

If you want the exact same formula that Rick and Morty adhere to, try the Hulu original animated sitcom Solar Opposites (2020-present). Also created by Rick and Morty creators Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon, monsters and outer space adventures decorate every episode as a crew of aliens crash down onto earth and are forced to adjust to living life amongst humans after evacuating their planet amidst destruction.

Spiteful leader of the group Korvo Solo-Opposites is voiced by Roiland, Thomas Middleditch voices Korvo’s evacuation partner Terry Solar-Opposites, Sean Giambrone voices the alien bounty hunter Yumyulack Solar-Opposites, Mary Mack voices Terry’s kindhearted replicant Jesse Solar-Opposites, and Sagan McMahan voices the Pupa. Just debuting its entire season on Hulu on July 13, 2022, season 4 will debut sometime in 2023.

The Orville (2017-present) is like a comedic Star Trek with Seth MacFarlane at the helm. A love letter to the iconic series that began airing in the 60s, MacFarlane has always been vocal about his love for Star Trek, and it shines through in the series.

Adorned with Star Trek-like outfits in a sleek spaceship called the Orville, MacFarlane stars as Ed Mercer, the lead officer heading various missions in the 25th century amongst various planets and dimensions. Sometimes part spoof, part comedy-drama, Adrianne Palicki co-stars as Mercer’s ex-wife and Head Officer on the Orville, and the duo alongside the rest of the crew go on space adventures exploring new planets to varying degrees of success. Season 3, entitled “New Horizons” just debuted on Hulu in the summer of 2022, and no announcements have been made yet if there will be a season 4.

Being bad has never looked more fun than in the HBO Max DC animated series, Harley Quinn (2019-present). Kaley Cuoco voices the titular role and fits the character like a glove with her shrill laughter and lively insults hurled a mile a minute as she brings the iconic villain to life. Lake Bell voices her partner in crime and love interest Poison Ivy, and they lead a band of fellow villainous misfits who just want as much glory as famous big shots like the Joker and The Penguin.

Harley recruits a crew of B-team of forgotten villains, with Ron Funches as King Shark, Tony Hale as Doctor Psycho, Jason Alexander as Sy Borgman, and Alan Tudyk as Clayface, Joker, and various other characters. Season 3 has just hit HBO Max, and the crew finds themselves in hot water as they constantly bite off more than they can chew while trying to be the baddest of them all.