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The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Game Gets 2 Original Killers

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre has plenty of callbacks to the original film and Gun Interactive has collaborated with one of its creators to make the link between the two even stronger. The studio announced that two of its new characters were made in collaboration with Kim Henkel, who has written, directed, or produced many of the Texas Chain Saw Massacre movies.

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Henkel is probably most well known for writing the first movie, which this game is seemingly favoring the most. These two original characters are named Johnny and Sissy, and in a twist, the duo will be on the side of the killers, not the survivors.

Johnny can be seen holding a knife and Sissy has a straight razor, which hint at their nefarious intentions. The studio didn’t talk their abilities or backstories and only said that more will be revealed at a later date. While the survivors are fresh faces, the other three killers — Leatherface, The Cook, and The Hitchhiker — are previously established characters from the film franchise.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Game Gets 2 New Characters From Original Screenwriter

These two were revealed through the free alternate reality game Petals that is tied to the console title. As shown in the video below, players run into Johnny and Sissy near the end. Sissy was also seemingly hinted at in a riddle from one of the ARG’s newspapers.

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