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Do Ironing Unshrink Clothes? 10 Best Tips

Does Ironing Unshrink Clothes?

This article is given the ironing unshrink clothes. Did you ever hear the word “Shrink”? This is the most common technical problem of clothes around the world that happens with everyone. Fortunately, this problem can be solved and back to its original form by using some tricks and techniques on the garments. Regardless, most of them are recovered by using cold water. On the other hand, you can also use Borax and Vinegar to un-shrink wool and cashmere. But the question is “Does Ironing Un-shrink Clothes?” Let’s discuss the main point thoroughly.


The true fact is that you can’t unshrink clothes by ironing. Rather heat and pressure might be a reason garments stretch out. When garments directly contact the side of the washing machine or dryer shrinkage happened for this tumbling action. So, the washing and drying process is also a reason for shrinkage.

How Does Ironing Unshrink Clothes?

If you can use some techniques, it’s possible to unshrink garments using an iron. Mostly, knitted cotton is the best composition to recover by washing and also ironing. Now, plug your iron and set it to medium heat before starting the process. After that, lay off the garments (Here I take my Used T-Shirt) on a flat surface and sprinkle some water on the body of the garment.


If you have got a steam iron then water isn’t required here. Before pressing it, pull the garments to their length and resize as you require. After preparing the garments, take the iron and start pressing it. Apply pressure to the outward strongly.

In terms of spandex fabric composition, garments stretched out easily for heat pressing. Heat pressing can also damage the fiber. Most of the time different types of synthetic fabric like polyester, vinyl, nylon is restricted to wash and iron. So, read the care label instruction before applying any technique.

Frequently Asked Question about Shrinkage of Garments?

How Do You Stretch Shrunken Clothes?

When you see, after washing the pair of your favorite jeans is shortened from the previous size. Your heart must be broken and looking for a solution to unshrink it to its original size. If your question is “how do you stretch shrunken clothes?” this is the right section for you.

  1. Take water in a SS (Stainless Steel) pot and place it over the stove then turn the stovetop burner and cover the pot.
  2. Take out the water after boiling it properly.
  3. Now fill the sink with lukewarm water and put cupful baby shampoo or conditioner. Washing detergent also could be a replacement instead.
  4. Mix them gently using a wooden stick or anything available at the house.
  5. Soak the garments (Jeans in my situation) and let them for 30 min into the sink. In this period, the fibers will loosen down from their mechanical construction for heat and washing agents.
  6. Slowly put out the clothes from the medium and squeeze water gently.
  7. Take dry clothes or a towel and soak the water from wet clothes. Here, you can spread the dry clothes on a flat surface and wet clothes over it. Then roll them gently, the extra water absorbed slowly.
  8. Now place the clothes onto another towel of a flat surface and pull it to resize to its previous size. Put some weight (maybe a bottle full of water) at the end of your clothes.
  9. Dry the clothes in the air.

Does Fabric Softener Unshrink Clothes?

This question is a little bit difficult to answer. By the way, the softener can help the fiber loosen the technical bonds between loops or weave fabric constructions. We often use it with hot water treatment. The shampoo, conditioner, detergent, or fabric softener are often used with the wash recycling process.

Does Cold Water Shrink Clothes?

In sense of washing, cold water helps to regain the fibers original form after washing. Most of the time it works like magic on 100% cotton. Wrinkles and some minor stains can also be removed by cold water without damage or color fades. Do the same procedure as mentioned above in this FAQ section and get a good result.

Final Thoughts

This is the ironic unshrink of clothe-related information. You can apply lots of tricks to your clothes following YouTube and other DIY websites online. But, remember that whatever the tricks it is, you must consider a few damages on your clothes. So, be careful and get knowledge before getting started with any experiment. In this way, you can also recover a stretched-out shirt.