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Who Is the Villain in Tales of the Jedi Episode 6?

The latest Star Wars series introduced a new villain in Tales of the Jedi Episode 6, but who is he?

Earlier today, Dave Filoni’s Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi debuted on Disney+. The animated series brought back many familiar faces, including Anakin Skywalker, Ahsoka Tano, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Yoda, and more. The six-episode show explored Count Dooku’s turn to the Dark Side and part of Ahsoka’s life, probably setting the tone for the upcoming live-action series focusing on Anakin’s former Padawan. Ahsoka herself was the protagonist of the last episode of the series, here’s some additional information on her foe.

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Who’s the Villain in Tales of the Jedi Episode 6?

The villain in Tales of the Jedi Episode 6 is most likely the Sixth Brother, one of the Inquisitorius members. The episode doesn’t directly mention his name or status, but it’s pretty clear he’s a member of the Inquisitorius due to the peculiar shape and color of his lightsaber. In the story, someone turns on Ahsoka, who was hiding her real identity and powers by passing as the farmer Ashla and calls the Sixth Brother. Things take a nasty turn after the Sixth Brother puts the farm on fire, leading to a confrontation with Ahsoka. Unfortunately for the Sixth Brother, his clash with the former Jedi ends with his own death.

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While the episode doesn’t make explicit the identity of the Inquisitorius member, it is known from E. K. Johnston’s novel Ahsoka that the titular heroine defeats the Sixth Brother while hiding in Raada. The former Jedi was in a sticky situation since she was without the green lightsabers she left on the burial site of Captain Rex. Following her clash in Raada, Ahsoka retrieves the kyber crystals from the Sixth Brother’s lightsabers and heals them of any Dark Side presence until they become white. After that fight, Ahsoka also joins the Rebellion, accepting Bail Organa’s invitation to oppose the Empire actively.

The upcoming Ahsoka Tano live-action series might add details about her duel with the Sixth Brother. At the moment of writing, many details about the forthcoming series are still under wrap. However, it will most likely take place during the same timeframe as The Mandalorian. As fans saw in the first live-action appearance of the former Jedi in The Mandalorian Season 2, she already has the white lightsabers, which means she has already defeated the Inquisitorius member.