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Apple corporate employees told to report to the office three times weekly

Apple corporate employees

Apple corporate employees

Apple has sent a memo to corporate workers to return to headquarters three times each week in September.

Bloomberg reports that Apple employees will need to work Tuesday, Thursday and a final day on-site. Before in May, employees had to go to the office twice weekly as part of the Cupertino-based company’s hybrid work program, which was a compromise to working 3 days.

In general, the employees did not want to work in-office, as 56% were actively seeking employment according to a study. Ian Goodfellow, Apple’s machine learning director resigned due to conflict with Apple’s return to office mandate. Later on, Goodfellow joined DeepMind, which was the AI research branch of Google.

Apple has been working on balancing in-office time and remote working to appease its corporate employees. Tim Cook, Apple CEO is believed to be looking at solutions to keep its employees from leaving and finding work at rival companies.