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5 veteran QBs who have crashed and burned spectacularly this season

Carson Wentz Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Here are the five NFL veteran quarterbacks who have had less than ideal seasons so far and why.

Seven weeks into the season, one thing is clear: it’s not a good time to be a veteran QB. Looking at the teams leading the NFL at this point, we’re seeing a changing of the guard. A crop of new quarterbacks, from Patrick Mahomes, to Josh Allen, to Jalen Hurts are taking the league by storm. But with this fresh blood comes a group of 5 veterans who might be getting left behind. Several once top-tier QBs have been struggling to stay relevant. This list expounds on what’s ailing these seasoned passers and why they’ve had (surprisingly) disappointing seasons.

5. Carson Wentz

Let’s start in Washington, DC. Carson Wentz has had a string of ups and downs over the past three seasons. After leaving Philadelphia, where he’d been successful for several seasons, he hoped for a fresh start in Indianapolis. After one of his more productive seasons with the Colts, passing for 3,663 yards with 27 TDs, the season ended in disappointment with an embarrassing loss to the Jaguars that kept Indianapolis out of the playoffs.

With Wentz, however, it’s never been about lifting or quoting stats. Analysts around the league have questioned his decision-making abilities at key moments in games. Such doubt forced another trade, sending the veteran QB to Washington, where his productivity has decreased significantly. Wentz has looked uncomfortable all season. Leading the Commanders to a 3-4 record, Wentz’s QBR is good enough for 30th in the league. Many think this is Wentz’s last opportunity to prove himself as an NFL starter, and so far he hasn’t led anyone to believe he’s up to the task.